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The Fix is a weekly podcast that shares stories of remarkable people who are taking action and innovating to advance equality in the workplace and beyond. The show is hosted by Michelle King, a global gender equality expert and Kelly Thomson, an employment law expert, who together weave in their research, actionable insights and tips for how everyone can put equality into practice every day.


Each week the show features guests from a range of backgrounds including business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, academics, world leaders and celebrities. In each episode, listeners will discover how to create workplaces that work for everyone and why this serves to benefit all of us.

The Fix is in its fourth year with over 110,000 downloads, the podcast has hosted some notable guests including:

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Michelle King
Michelle King

Michelle King is a leading global expert on gender and organisational culture. Michelle is the author of, THE FIX: Overcome the Invisible Barriers that Hold Women Back at Work, which provides insights into the challenges women face at work and how to build workplaces that work for women. THE FIX received a Silver medal in the 2020 Axiom Business Book Awards within the Women / Minorities in Business category.

Michelle has been featured in The Economist, Harvard Business Review, CNN Business, Fortune, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Time, Business Insider, The Times, Daily Mail and LinkedIn Editors.

Michelle is represented by the London Speakers Bureau and regularly speaks at numerous conferences and private sector events. In 2019, Michelle’s TedX Chelsea Park talk, It’s Not You, It’s Your Workplace, was widely praised for shedding light on the greatest’s barrier to women’s advancement at work – gender denial.

Kelly Thomson
Kelly Thomson

Kelly Thomson is a partner in the employment, engagement and equality practice at international law firm RPC, based in London. She has over 15 years’ experience working hand in hand with organisations devising and delivering a vast array of people projects. Her legal work has taken her to the Supreme Court in the UK and resulted in changes to the law.

Kelly’s own experiences as a woman from a working-class background with caring responsibilities and direct understanding of the workforce barriers facing the disability community have fuelled her passion for equality law and practice. She relishes the opportunity to work with businesses and leaders who are grappling with inclusion and diversity challenges and to help them make positive changes for the benefit of their organisation and its people. Her equality work embraces everything from pay gap reporting and strategies, designing remuneration and reward to drive the right behaviours and culture to investigation of workplace harassment. Kelly also leads her own firm’s activities to improve gender equality outcomes so truly understands the practicalities of implementing change.

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